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EDI Services
Amosoft is a leading provider of EDI services and EDI solutions. We are dedicated to the needs of small and medium sized companies, who want to enter into advanced communications with their business partners, using electronic data interchange (EDI) to exchange business documents.

Through our EDI services and EDI solutions, we give the SMB an easy path to implementing EDI in their business. Our goal is to get you up and running with EDI quickly and without fuss. With our experience and knowledge of EDI we will get you doing business with EDI and sending electronic documents over the web, in days.

Once you have made the decision to start working with a trading partner via EDI, you will want to get the jobs done as quickly as possible. Every extra day you have to wait for your EDI solution to be implemented is another day of losing money. Our goal is to save you time and money, and so we make your business our top priority. We guarantee to set your EDI business up and make it compatible with your partners as quickly as possible.

EDI Solutions
Our Engineers are EDI experts with extensive knowledge in all aspects of electronic data exchange. We have ready-to-ship EDI Solutions that can help you start doing business fast.

Over the years we have developed EDI solutions to fit every type of business. Our goal is always to set companies up with EDI quickly and painlessly.

Our complete EDI solutions include:

Amosoft EDI software is designed for you to start using EDI immediately after setting up. Our solutions are quick to learn and easy to use.

When you purchase EDI software from Amosoft, you get not just a software system, but also the mapping, translation, data transfer services and training you need to complete the EDI package and use it successfully. There are no additional costs. It's all included!

Windows-Based EDI Solution
Our complete, Windows-based EDI solution is suited to small and large sized companies who have a low, medium or high transaction volume. Our software is based on Microsoft?s newest technologies and uses an easy and friendly interface to control its rich and powerful features.

Our database structure is flexible and can contain any type of EDI document structure, no matter how complex it is. That means reliability and speed when you need to access your EDI documents and information, print documents and reports, create EDI documents, send them out to your partners, view statistics and much more.

Our EDI solution is simply the best and most reliable in the market today and that?s down to using the newest technologies, having many years of EDI experience and executing daily performance tuning based on each EDI document that needs to be processed.

Web-Based EDI Solution
Our web-based EDI solution is ideal for small to medium size companies who have a low transaction volume. It does not require you to install any software, database or any other third party component. You just need internet access and you are ready to go. It's that easy!

To view the EDI documents you have received, all you need to do is login to your account. Our screens are simple and intuitive and resemble those of Microsoft Outlook. So anyone familiar with Outlook will feel at home with Amosoft.

We also send you an email with the EDI documents you have received so just in case you didn't check your EDI account, all you have to do is check your email box for new EDI documents received from us.  Try our demo

EDI Integration
You may have an ERP system in your organization which needs to be adapted to work with EDI. This is where our EDI experts come in and do the magic of EDI integration with your existing systems. We connect EDI to any ERP software and create one central solution to handle your company needs. This is important because it avoids the need to enter data twice, saving you time, typing errors and money. All the appropriate software will be synchronized as one, ensuring all systems work on the same data.

We have integration software for leading accounting packages like QuickBooks, PeachTree and SAP. We can also integrate to any in-house proprietary software that you may have. This is our expertise.

EDI Transactions
We support all types of EDI standards, EDI versions and EDI transaction sets (EDI documents). These include both the X12 standard and the EDIFACT standard as well..

We will analyze, map, translate and transfer your data over to and from your database. When we map your data to an EDI document, we consider your business needs and requirements and optimize the mapping process to be the most efficient possible. The result is an efficient set of EDI maps that translate EDI data quickly and correctly.

We do not copy maps that we have created for other EDI clients because each business has different needs and requirements, requiring dedicated attention and detail inspections. What is right for another organization is not necessarily right for you.

We thoroughly test EDI maps against your data and identify errors or data in the wrong place and guarantee that before your EDI solution goes live, it is fully operational and error-free.

We pay attention to detail and we treat each client with the personal dedication they deserve. With Amosoft, you will feel you are the only client we have.

EDI Outsourcing
If you need EDI services and want someone else to manage the technical issues involved with EDI, contact us without delay and ask for EDI administration services.

When we take over your EDI administration, we make sure all EDI transactions are transferred correctly, without errors, and we notify you of any issue that needs your personal attention.

You won?t have to worry about software installation, databases, servers, mapping fields, purchasing licenses, updates and upgrades of EDI versions, or anything else.

Amosoft EDI Services will make your EDI experience almost unfelt.

EDI Industries
Even though industries all around the world use e-commerce, each and every one of them acts differently, has its own set of business rules and has its own way of doing business with their trading partners. This extends from EDI and VAN's to other e-commerce technologies such as XML, AS2 and web services. Companies from all kinds of industries are using e-commerce in a way that best fit their needs and goals.

Amosoft provides e-commerce services and EDI solutions across all industries. Below you will find lists of EDI documents and EDI transaction sets grouped by industry. Scroll through the lists and find your industry to see which documents may be of interest to you. This list contains the most common industries as implemented at our clients. Click for a complete list of EDI documents click here

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